Thursday, 10 November 2011

Vegan Bleach

Yep, yep it is possible! Naturlite Lightening Powder from Organic Colour Systems is completely free from ammonia and does not dry out hair allowing it to retain moisture. The non-ammonia formula contains natural active ingredients such as 
- wheat proteins which leaves the hair smooth and undamaged,
-Bisabolol which is derived from Chamomile and provides scalp protection, 
helping to reduce risk of irritation,
-and Panthenol (vitamin B) which acts as a good conditioner...

No damage or dryness!

But see it for yourselves, just done this full head bleaching yesterday (;



Anonymous said...

This is great and all but where do I get it, or find out what it's active ingredients are so I can maybe find something compatible for my roots? $80 a touch up at a local salon is a bit much for my budget. O,O";;;

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